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66% of CWC adults are overweight, according to health survey

A Crow Wing Energized health study shows two-thirds of Crow Wing County adults are overweight or obese and not eating the proper amount of fruits and vegetables nor getting the recommended amount of exercise, despite 90 percent of those studied feeling they were in good to excellent health.

The study also found 25-40 percent of adults have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, mental health conditions and arthritis.

Other noteworthy statistics found in the study - which happens every three years - included:

• An increase in tobacco use from 17.6 to 23.3 percent over the past three years. Less than half of cigarette smokers indicated they are trying to quit (reduced from three-fourths of smokers who tried to quit in the previous survey).

• Forty-four percent of people who make less than $20,000 are cigarette smokers. Tobacco users report higher rates of obesity, depression, and anxiety.

• Only 25 percent of adults in Crow Wing County have an advanced care plan. That increases when patients are 75 or older (50 percent have plans).

• More than 1 in 4 (28.2 percent) adults in Crow Wing County have been told by a health professional that they have a mental illness, an increase from 24.4 percent in the 2014 survey.

• Seventeen percent of adults have worried about food running out in the past year. This is an improvement over 2014, when 30 percent had that concern.

Crow Wing Energized will study the feedback and develop healthy strategies to overcome these obstacles. There are already a variety of initiatives underway, such as the National Diabetes Prevention Program, that with time should make a difference to the adult population in Crow Wing County.

The survey was mailed to 4,000 addresses in Crow Wing County, with 27.1 percent, or 1,084 coming back with responses, which is considered a sound sampling.

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