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Lainee R. Balsimo

Lainee R. Balsimo

Lainee physically left our side September 2nd, 2017 at 8:10pm. She died in the arms of a woman who protects children, Joann Ostrowski. She was gently reading her a book, and cuddled up in a bed at her second home; the hospital.

Before Lainee got cancer, when she was four years old - She had for two years straight stated that she wanted to be a Cat when she grew up. Convicted, right? After she got cancer, every single time I asked her, it had changed from Cat' to Teacher'. "But the kind that works at Annie's (childcare)".

Let us let her continue to be a teacher now that she is all grown up. As an entire community mourns the death of a child, she left us all with lessons that could fill several book shelves. Let us be her substitute teachers, and let us continue to allow her beautiful spirit to sun-shine-on.

Lainee left behind so many. A devastated brother, Brian Phillips, and her cousin [slash] best friend. Aiden Balsimo. She left behind Aunties and Uncles, and two parents, Audriana Wallin and Gary Balsimo, who's hearts will be forever sore from the loss of our sweet girl, Lainee B.

She is preceded in death by, AJ Turner, James E. Wallin, Gary R. Bagwell, Angel Balsimo, Daniel Balsimo, and Brian Phillips.

In lieu of flowers and monetary gifts, the family asks that you instead consider donating to an active Mice-model research used with Lainee's tumor tissue that is occurring in Washington D.C. The link to donate is: They should select other and then write the funding designation/PPB Program.

I will forever be my teacher's substitute teacher. I believe that she left us with all the tools we need to be our best versions of self.

Arrangements entrusted to Brenny Funeral Chapel and Cremation Service of Baxter, 800-824-5051,