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This recipe lets you make use of fresh produce and could provide you with some health benefits. (NDSU photo)
In a pickle over a side dish?
3 hours 37 min ago
Ron Smith, World of Wine columnist
Wine evolution class also teaches basic appreciation
5 hours 38 min ago
Garlic is smashed under a broad-blade knife using hand pressure.
Dave Wallis / The Forum
Savory spuds: Homegrown potatoes and fresh thyme combine in rustic side dish
6 hours 13 min ago
Opinion: Ignorant nation
6 hours 25 min ago
September 19, 2017
Opinion Column: How Democrats won the presidency
September 19, 2017 - 6:30am
September 18, 2017
Opinion Column: The option play
September 18, 2017 - 9:30am
Little girl and father are enjoying reading book together
How reading can make you healthier and happier
September 18, 2017 - 9:03am
Opinion Column: Hard-liners on DACA may be too hard-hearted for Trump
September 18, 2017 - 8:30am
September 16, 2017
Opinion Column: The Democrats have become socialists
September 16, 2017 - 11:30am
Opinion column: Hillary Clinton's book calls out Bernie Sanders for welcoming some antiabortion Democrats. Here's why she's wrong.
September 16, 2017 - 9:30am
Don Kinzler, Growing Together gardening columnist for The ForumMichael Vosburg / Forum Photo Editor
Mystery plant has edible berries
September 16, 2017 - 9:10am
September 14, 2017
Guest Opinion: What it took for Republicans finally to feel betrayed by Trump
September 14, 2017 - 8:30am
Guest Opinion: Bring back the ombudsman
September 14, 2017 - 7:30am
September 13, 2017
Dave Hoops lives in Duluth and is a veteran brewer and beer judge. 
(Clint Austin /
Hoops on hops: Brewing way up north
September 13, 2017 - 8:38am
September 12, 2017
Opinion Column: Harvey, Irma and 911, We can replace the stuff
September 12, 2017 - 1:36pm