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Reader Opinion: Thank you Mr. Thiede

Dear Fellow Citizens,

While I am not opposed to people getting help they need for education on sexual information, I am opposed to helping pay for it outside of the school system.

I myself am struggling in paying for my own bills, doctors visits and many other day to day living expenses that come up, so I struggle with the county to have to help pay for others' sexual decisions on my dime.

If there are that many citizens that are OK with this, then I feel they should donate to this cause. Just like many organizations that need to fundraise to fund their cause, so should this WeARE. Why should I pay for a service offered to others that my conscience does not agree with?

My family has missed out on many things we would like to do for recreation but are not able to because we can not afford it. I do not ask for money from others to cover the costs of what our recreational enjoyment is. While sex is a natural human instinct, it is also controllable. I am not responsible for the actions of others nor are they for mine.

Thank you for your time,

Donna Wilson

Pequot Lakes