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Reader Opinion: Houston

I write this on day five of the storms that wracked Houston and the Gulf. It makes my heart swell with pride to see the overwhelming response of people from all walks of life that have turned out to help the victims of this storm. President Reagan, President Trump and so many others have uttered the oath, "Let's make America great again." I point to the ongoing efforts going on as we speak and say, "America has always been great and although sometimes it takes disasters like this to bring out the best in people, when it's crunch time they are there."

Here's to the emergency responders who worked night and day to get people stable and to safety. Some of them most likely going to work after they too, lost all they had to the floods. To the doctors and nurses who worked night and day, caring for the sick and the injured, in less than favorable conditions. There were the relief workers who cooked food and distributed food, water, blankets and clothing to provide some level of comfort to their fellow man. The Red Cross, The Salvation Army. Here's to the people who cared for the animals and the people who worked to get the power back on and the streets passable. The National Guard and the Coast Guard. The city and government leaders, who coordinated the whole thing and countless others who took in their neighbors in their time of need.

Yes, this was the spirit of a great America at work. A great America that has always existed and transcends all politics. Houston will rise again from the spoils and even with the hardships; they will be better for what they went through because they proved they were always great. God bless them all.

Mike Holst